Among the most important news of ARAN World for 2022 is ARAN Spazio Contract, a project that intends to revolutionize the relationship between the company and the Real Estate world in Italy. To guide this important initiative – which will soon be officially presented with the inauguration of new dedicated spaces within the ARAN Cucine Flagship Store in Milan – was chosen Stefano Bergamin, former CEO of Milano Contract District, and therefore ideal figure to strategically re-read the role of furniture in the processes of Real Estate.

That for ARAN World the Contract division has always been a flagship is well known: the Abruzzo Group, since its inception, has been recognized as an ambassador of Made in Italy in the world, winning numerous contracts to furnish many of the most prestigious international residences. The experience gained abroad has consolidated the knowledge of specific dynamics and of as many processes, so as to push the company to a reflection on the Italian scenario: in the US market, for example, furniture systems are considered as organic components in the very process of building a house, and ARAN World intends to import this vision at the national level. ARAN Spazio Contract was born from the desire to promote a new idea of home, that since the design phase places at the center a very close link between spaces and furniture elements. Just as it happens abroad, in fact, even in Italy,  residences already equipped with the main furnishing elements such as kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes, are getting more frequent, but ARAN Spazio Contract aims to transform the role of the furniture company, which, as a supplier, must become partners to builders, construction companies and RE professionals. ARAN Spazio Contract will therefore be the necessary ‘glue’ between all the actors and the protagonists involved in the process of design, construction and sale of residential buildings. Flexibility and functionality are basic values for such a global vision: designing an already furnished house helps to better develop its spaces, imagining from the outset how to meet different needs; It is enough to think that the dialogue between electrical or plumbing systems and home automation solutions is necessary today. To do this, inevitably, know-how and important
innovations are also necessary.

ARAN World can already count on an extraordinary production and customization capacity – also thanks to the choice to produce in-house the panels used to make its furniture, so much so that in 2021 it was awarded with the ESG Sustainability Award among the top 100 Italian companies of all sectors, and unique in the world of design furniture – but recently invested in Buildin Information Modelling, in order to have all the best tools to interact with engineers, architects and builders during the design phase. Being able to intervene directly on the 3D models of the Developer partners, the new technology allows to create furniture projects already integrated into the environments with a double advantage: on the one hand, time and steps are optimized (sometimes still manual) to imagine furnishing solutions on pre-existing plants, on the other hand it offers the consumer a new experience, that of virtual reality – Digital Twin, also useful in the customization phase for the choice of finishes and materials. ARAN Spazio Contract is therefore an important innovation, not only for ARAN World but also for the Real Estate world in general: it is in fact the first platform managed internally by a company, with the aim of industrializing the RE world by dialoguing and integrating with it. An ambitious project, which demonstrates how ARAN World, thanks to its solid know-how and recent innovations, can apply for the role of best player in Contract Furniture for the world of Real Estate Italy.

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